Nutricia Homeward Online


Homeward Online is a new additional service for Nutricia Homeward patients, parents or carers, which sits alongside our existing Nutricia Customer Service and Homeward services. The service is available 24 hours a day, allowing patients, parents or carers, to stock check when it suits them each month.


If users accidentally miss their stock check online one month, they need not worry. Our Customer Service team will see this and contact them as normal, to ensure we complete a stock check and deliver the stock they need.

To use Homeward Online, you must be a Nutricia Homeward patient, or carer, by registering or logging in to the system, by clicking on the designated links.

The Customer Service team still offers additional support to help with any questions or queries with the system over the telephone.

We hope this system supports our patients or their carers when tube feeding at home.